STC-200 + Universal Elitech STC-200+ Digital Thermostat

STC-200 + Universal Elitech STC-200+ Digital Thermostat.

Electronic Digital Temperature Controller is suitable for all kinds of high temperature cold storage, direct cooling cabinet, water chiller, seafood machine and some small heating equipment etc.



1. Cooling, heating, alarm modes optional

2. Return difference to control the temperature

3. User menu and admin menu setting separately

4. Upper and lower temperature limit setting, to avoid misoperation by non-professionals.


Principal function:

Cooling, heating, 1NTC alarm, temperature calibration



1. Power supply: 220VAC ± 10%, 50/60HZ (12VAC/VDC, optional)

2. Temperature measurement range: -40 ~ +99 °C

3. Temperature control range: -40 ~ +70 °C

4. Resolution: 1

5. Accuracy: ±1°C

6. Compressor output contact capacity: 7A/220VAC

7. Sensor Type: NTC, 2M

8. Alarm: buzzer or alarm relay

9. Housing: gray ABS flame retardant material

10. Security level: IP54 (front panel)

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