SG-KU100CM Satellite Dish Antenna KU-band Gain 12.5GHz-41.12dBi, High Quality Iron Plate Multipurpose dish Compatible with Weak Signal. Caliber Short axle & Focus length: Caliber Short axle 90cm/long -100cm and Focus length -540mm with KU-band Gain : 12.5GHz-41.12dBi. Wind speed/ temperature / Humidity : Wind speed can receive-25m/sec/works under weak signal-40m/sec/ not damage 60m/sec, Work surrounding temperature 40℃-60℃and Relative Humidity- 0-100%. Elevation and Azimuth: Angle of elevation – 0°-90° and Azimuth- 0°-360°. Material: Constructed with iron plate and spray plastic surface. Stand-wall ground multi-purpose type.