ROTOR 315MM x 28MM 12 BOLT (60MM PAD) 7″ PCD – PAIR . Powervane Racing Rotor Discs Out Braking The Competition. Powervane Racing Rotors are probably the best Rotors in the Motorsport Industry today. The curved Vanes are angled to use the Rotors deflection of rotation to enhance cooling performance making them side specific. Powervane Racing Rotors are manufactured to ISO 9000 standards. Each casting of our Rotors is subjected to stringent quality controls. This includes sample testing and random batch testing to avoid potential problems due to internal and externals blowholes, cold shots, sand inclusions and other defects to provide the highest quality.

  • 315mm Diameter
  • 28mm Thick
  • 12 Bolts
  • 60mm Pad
  • 7 PCD
  • Bolt Centre: 177.8mm (7″)