The HEIDENHAIN Id.Nr. of this encoder is HEIDENHAIN Id.Nr. 358701-05. Compact incremental angle encoder with integral bearing and integrated stator coupling for measuring steps to 0.0005° with 1Vpp Output. This pulse coder has 18000 lines count with 20mm hollow through shaft and integrated stator coupling: rugged design, typical applications include rotary tables, tilting tables, positioning spindles and synchronization monitoring. For measuring steps to 0.0001°. This encoder type HEIDENHAIN RON 287C 18000 comes with a warranty. Frequently mounted on HURON Machine for the 4th axis (table) These HEIDENHAIN Encoders are tested on HEIDENHAIN dedicated Measurement equipments.

Ident number 358701-10
Line count 18000
System accuracy ±2.5”
Output signal ~1Vpp
Cutoff frequency (-3
dB) 180.00 kHz
Reference mark analog, ref. mark coded, nominal increment 1000
Power supply 5V (+-10%)