POWERBALL HCI-TT SUPER 4Y Osram Powerball HCI-TT 150W 830 SUPER 4Y E40. This is especially important because these lamps are mainly used in places such as restaurants, shop windows, sales floors and entrance areas, where they can easily be changed. gas discharge lamps equipped with reflectors with a very good lumen maintenance from the first to the last use. Osram Powerball HCI-TT 150W 830 SUPER 4Y E40 have a E40 base type, which allows them to fit perfectly in your old fixtures. With a long average lifetime of 18000 hours, Osram Powerball HCI-TT 150W 830 SUPER 4Y E40 bulbs are economical and do not require frequent replacement, ensuring saving on maintenance costs.

Length in mm 204
Diameter in mm 32
Material Glass
Glass Transparent
Watt power 150 W
Luminous efficacy in lumens 14700
Light Temperature 3000 K Warm white
Color rendering index CRI83

The Osram Powerball HCI-TT 150W 830 SUPER 4Y E40 is a HCI with HID technology for application, especially for compact optical systems with high efficiency. This lamp has an excellent colour rendering of80-89, UV filter which prevents the discoloration of your items with the lamp.

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