PC 1919 13 G ENCLOSURE - Fibox - SOLID PC Series Grey Polycarbonate Enclosure, IP67, Grey Lid, 188 x 188 x 130mm

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Features and Benefits
•Polyurethane gasket assures protection within the box
•Flammability rating: UL 94-5 V
•Delivered with 4 sunken head lid screws and mounting screws for fixing electrical apparatus (Included)
•Can be equipped with chassis plates and a DIN Rail for fixing internal equipment
•Operating temperature range is -40°C to +80°C (+120°C max short term).
•IP67 Rating

•Body Material :- Polycarbonate
•External Length :- 188 mm
•External Height :- 130 mm
•External Width :- 188 mm
•External Dimensions :- 188 x 188 x 130mm
•IP Rating :- IP67
•Colour :- Grey
•Lid Colour :- Grey
•Shielded :- No
•Series :- SOLID PC

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