MC-22B-AC240 LS Metasol MC-22b-AC240 3-pole contactor

LS Metasol MC-22b-AC240 3-pole contactor rated for 10 H.P. @ 230 volt, 15 H.P. @ 460 volt 3 phase and has a 240 volt AC rated coil. This 22 AMP AC-3 contactor (40 AMP AC-1) comes with screw terminals, can be mounted on DIN rail or screwed to the panel back plate and comes with one side mounted auxiliary contact having 1 normally open and 1 normally closed contact set. Motor protective thermal overload relays can be added to the bottom of the Metasol MC-22b-AC240 contactor for complete motor protection. The manufacturer recommends this contactor as a replacement for the obsolete GMC-22 series.

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