M-20 Safe Power Supply – UK Plug.

  • HOTweezers M-20 Power Supply for use with HOTweezers Thermal Wire Strippers. UK Adaptor
  • This power supply is ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe and should be used with other ESD safe products
  • HOTweezers M-20 ESD safe power supply for use with HOTweezers thermal wire strippers.

    By using the M-20 Power Supply it is possible to adjust the tip temperature from 149°C (300°F) to 788°C (1450ºF), therefore the stripping temperature can be maintained at a level very near the softening point of the insulation material without charring or igniting it.

    Featuring an on/off switch, “HI” and “Low” jacks, a temperature control, and a unique holder for the HOTweezers hand unit.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 3” x 5¾” x 5“
  • Weight: 1.35kg (3 lbs)
  • Voltage: 100v, 115v or 225v
  • Power Consumption: Up to 46 watts
  • ESD Safe: Yes