LKT-10-480-DD60 Frako Capacitor, 480V, 10Kvar, 3-Phase

LKT-10-480-DD60 Frako Capacitor, 480V, 10Kvar, 3-Phase. Capacitor, 3Phase, 10Kvar, 480V, Maximum Voltage(Continuous): 528V, 3x 38.5µF, 60Hz.  FRAKO 3 Phase Capacitors are ideal for power factor improvement, tuned filters, and other power quality filter systems. Triple safety protection and high current capability are combined to deliver dependable performance under extreme conditions.  Frako New DD60 Capacitors offer the UL and CSA market a powerful choice facing real-world issues such as harmonics and reactor voltage boosting.

Features that matter:

  1. Handles continuous current up to1.65 (60Hz) /1.98 (50Hz) times rated current
  2. Withstands inrush current up to 208 (60Hz) /250 (50Hz) times rated current
  3. Self-healing segmented film technology
  4. Over-pressure 3-phase dis-connector
  5. Handles high altitude without de-rating up to 4000 meters
  6. Environment-friendly, dry type, no PCBs

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