LCR55A Handheld LCR Meter 2mF, 20 MΩ, 200H. The LCR55A is the ultimate meter in the form of a small handheld device, it is able to measure inductance, capacitance, resistance, diodes, transistors and microwave diodes with precision. With a large digital 2000 point display, auto-power off and low battery indication it is extremely user friendly. Featuring TL36A test leads, spare fuse, alligator clips, user manual and a tough vinyl case it is the ideal LCR meter for busy industrial environments.

Maximum Capacitance Measurement 2mF
Maximum Resistance Measurement 20 MΩ
Maximum Inductance Measurement 200H
Battery Life 200 h
Battery Type 9V
Bench/Handheld Handheld
Display Type LCD
Power Source Battery
Dimensions 79 x 183 x 38mm