L30250-F600-C186 Unify Openstage 30T Phone

L30250-F600-C186 Unify Openstage 30T Phone.

The Unify Openstage 30T Phone is available in two colour options – ice blue (L30250-F600-C186 or S30817-S7307-A101) and lava (L30250-F600-C187 or S30817-S7307-A103).

The Unify Openstage 30T Phone is a competitively priced model, with an array of easy to use features and most suitable for areas where a high number of outgoing telephone calls are made. This full duplex, hands free telephone with integrated microphone and loudspeaker, can support the addition of the Openstage Key Module and Openstage Busy Lamp Field for add-on features.

The Unify Openstage 30T is compatible with the HiPath 3000 and 4000 telephone systems and is available for TDM environments.

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