KFD2-CR4-1.2O Transformer Isolated Amplifier.The device supplies 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters, and can also be used with 2-wire current sources.

It transfers the analog input signal as two isolated current values.

Both outputs provide a 0/4-20mA current corresponding to the input signal. The minimum available field voltage is 16V at 20mA.

Technical specification
Supply voltage: 20-32V d.c.
Power consumption: Approx. 2.5W
No. of channels: 1
Input/output: Analogue input
 Load: 0-550Ω
 Output signal: 0/4-20mA
 Ripple: ≤50μArms


  • 3 port isolation
  • Single-channel signal conditioner
  • 24V d.c. supply (power rail)
  • Input 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters and 2-wire current sources
  • Signal splitter (1 input and 2 outputs)
  • Dual output: 0/4-20mA
  • Accuracy: 0.1%
  • Up to SIL3 acc. to IEC 61508
  • Limit detection with dual form C alarm contacts
  • Removable terminals reduce maintenance time
  • Fault detection and alarming