GV3P50 Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker, TeSys GV3 Series, 50 A, 3 Pole, 690 VAC, DIN Rail. The GV3P50 is a 3-pole Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker with EverLink BTR connectors. The TeSys GV3 series rotary knob control circuit breaker features 55mm standard width provides an easier installation in the panel and space saving, rail DIN fixing, sturdiness and safety with 3 positions rotary handle, front face padlocking. The TeSys GV3 circuit breaker provides a more reliable connection quality of the tightening pressure applied to the cables remain stable, strong and long-lasting even under tough conditions.

Current Rating:


Number of Poles


Maximum Voltage Rating


Circuit Breaker Mounting:

DIN Rail

  • AC Network type
  • 700A Magnetic tripping current
  • 8W Power dissipation per pole
  • 50000 cycles Mechanical durability
  • 50000 cycles for AC-3 at 440V Electrical durability
  • IP20 Protection rating
  • -20 to 60°C Ambient air temperature range for operation