GP0551 Whale GP0551 Gusher Galley MK3 Pump, Foot-Operated Manual Pump, Left-Side Pedal, Up to 4 Gal./Minute, for Boats Up to 80 Feet, White, One Size. This Whale Gusher Galley MK3 Pump makes it easy to pump a large volume of freshwater from a boat deck when you activate the pump using the left-side foot pedal. This manual pump will move up to 4 gallons (15 liters) of water per minute via its multi-directional inlet and outlet hose connections. The foot pedal operates with a smooth, easy, double action so it activates the pump on both the up and down strokes. The pump self primes and can be operated dry without causing damage. It offers hands-free operation so you can handle hoses or other equipment while pumping. The durable pump has a single inlet and one outlet, and is designed for use on boats up to 80 feet long (24m).


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