FR-D-414MS/IPM8-20 Richter Dipping Tape, Brass Frame, Carbon Steel Tape, IPM Specification.

  • These standards cover every component in precise detail, including the brass dip weight, the bell type locking swivel hook, and the brass frame winder and wooden handle. They reflect the accumulated experience of users in the petrochemical industry over many years and have been adopted by the industry in most parts of the world.
  • The maximum permitted error for the tape/weight combination is 1.5mm for all lengths up to 30m
  • The tapes are graduated on one side only.
  • Metric graduations are in mm (IPM8)
  • Imperial graduations are in feet, inches and 10ths of inches (IPM7A), or available to special order only: feet, inches, and 1/16ths inches (IPM7B)
  • Most users specify these tapes in black etched carbon steel, however we offer the alternative of etched stainless steel (grade 4021) for those applications which call for this tape material
  • High Quality Brass Frame, with High Impact Wooden Handle.
  • Etched, Carbon Steel Tape
  • All IPM weights are connected using 498 Brass Hook & Knurled Locking Ring