FSP-851 Smoke Detector Is A Replacement Photoelectric Smoke Detector Head.


  • B210LP Standard U.S. flanged low-profile mounting base.
  • B710LP Standard replacement flanged low-profile mounting base.
  • B501 Standard European flangeless mounting base.
  • B200S Intelligent, programmable sounder base
  • B200SR Intelligent sounder base – Replaces B501BH series bases in retrofit applications.

Normal operating voltage: 15 to 32 VDC.

Maximum current draw: 6.5 mA (LED on).

Average operating current: 350 A direct poll, 375 A group poll with LED flashing, 485 A Max. (LED flashing, NAC shorted.)

Maximum NAC Line Loss: 4 VDC.

External supply voltage (between Terminals T10 and T11): Maximum (NAC): Regulated 24 VDC; Maximum (Speakers): 70.7 V RMS, 50W.

Drain on external supply: 1.7 mA maximum using 24 VDC supply; 2.2 mA Maximum using 80 VRMS supply.