EMT6-K Overload Relay, 3 A, 6 A, 240 V, 240 V, EMT6 Series

EMT6-K Overload Relay, 3 A, 6 A, 240 V, 240 V, EMT6 Series. The EMT6-K from Eaton is a thermistor overload relay for machine protection and short circuit monitoring. This relay comes without reclosing lockout and manual reset. It complies with EN 55011, IEC/EN 60947-8 standards. The thermistor overload relay protects machines against overtemperatures during severe starting duty, braking duty, undervotage, overvoltage and high operating frequency. A signal is passed to EMT 6 in the event of an overtemperature. It is also used for monitoring of temperatures in bearing, gearboxes, oils and coolants. A thermistor is used to monitor the temperature directly on motor winding and in event of overtemperature, the corresponding signal is relayed to EMT6 unit. Once the unit receives signal, it trips and fault signal can be reliably detected in corresponding control panel.

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