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CMD276550 36mm Bright Zinc Plated Steel Coupling Nut

64.00 AED

CMD276550 36mm Bright Zinc Plated Steel Coupling Nut. These hexagonal connecting nuts can be used as spacers or to connect threaded rods. Their hexagonal shape means they can be manipulated with appropriate wrenches to tighten and loosen as needed. These coupling nuts are plated with bright zinc, allowing for a degree of protection against corrosion.

Hex coupling nuts are a highly versatile fastener and feature a continuous thread that can accommodate screws or rods from either end. Whether used to connect flexible threaded rods in camping tents or trampolines or as a connector spacer in PCB applications to separate components from the board, coupling nuts can provide a robust point of contact in a variety of constructions.

Thread Size M12
Length 36mm
Material Steel
Finish Bright Zinc Plated
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