CMD1938686 Resistance Decade Box. R-100 Resistance Decade Box, designed to measure the resistance of electric current through an electrical conductor. This device offers 7 decades of resistance, ranging from 1 to 11MΩ (Ohms) and is suitable for a wide range of product design and prototyping applications or calibration and troubleshooting tasks. This decade box is powered by 0.3W resistors and offers a heavy-duty, durable design for use in the field, making it an ideal resistance test and measurement box to achieve quick and precise results.

Decade Box Type Resistance
Best Maximum Resistance Accuracy 1%
Power Rating 0.3W
Dimensions 14 x 13.1 x 3cm
Maximum Operating Temperature +500°C
Weight 295g
Height 30mm
Width 131mm
Length 140mm
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