Features and Benefits
•Lightweight yet highly durable offering excellent protection of wires
•High expansion ratio offering excellent flexibility
•UV-light resistance preventing damage from light sources
•Excellent abrasion resistance making it ideal for use in rough environments
•Flame retardant offering enhanced protection in high heat or the event of a fire
•Halogen free preventing the risk of harsh chemicals being released
•Wide operating temperature suitable for use in environments with high temperatures
•Available in a wide range of sizes

•Sleeve Diameter :- 6mm
•Colour :- Black
•Material :- PET
•Sleeve Length :- 500m
•Braided :- Yes
•Expandable :- Yes
•Minimum Cable Diameter :- 4mm
•Maximum Cable Diameter :- 11mm
•Minimum Operating Temperature :- -50°C
•Maximum Operating Temperature :- +150°C
•Fire Behaviour :- Flame Retardant, Halogen Free

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