A2E200-AF02-02 230 V ac, AC Axial Fan, 195 x 73mm, 830m³/h, 61W. This wide range of axial fans are excellent for both cooling and ventilation purposes. The motor is fully integrated within the fan itself, saving space and opening up opportunities for various applications where space is limited. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

An axial fan is a type of fan commonly used within everyday applications, such as air conditioners, computers and laptops. It causes both air and gas (depending on the application) to flow directly through it in an axial direction at different speeds. Allowing the air flow to be axial at both entry and exit.

Supply Voltage 230 V ac
Dimensions 195 x 73mm
AC or DC Operation AC
Width 73mm
Power Consumption 61W
Maximum Current 280mA
Air Flow 830m³/h
Noise Level 69dB