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7025-F50 IBM RS/6000 7025 – F50 Server


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7025-F50 IBM RS/6000 7025 – F50 Server.

Built for enabling critical applications, the IBM RS/6000 7025 – F50 server is robust and high-powered. This IBM server is the ultimate companion for delivering high-performance computing when you need it. Programmers and researchers alike admire the features and speed of the IBM RS/6000 7025 – F50 server. You can position it in your computer room or colocation facility with total confidence since this server sports a tower form factor. The IBM RS/6000 7025 – F50 server helps you to delight in having loads of storage capacity for digital photos, backup files, and large data sets with its 9.1 GB hard drive. Moreover, with the 128 MB of SDRAM included on this IBM server, you can take advantage of enhanced throughput when powering multi-player online games, streaming media services, or file sharing solutions. Power online games, crunch numbers, and deliver digital music all at the same time with the help of the power-packed 0.332 GHz PowerPC 604E processor included with this server.

Additional Product Features

Exterior Color:-White
Networking Type:-Network Adapter
Supported Platforms:-Unix
Floppy Drive:-3.5in. 1.44MB Floppy
Hard Drive Interface:-SCSI-2 Fast Wide (16-Bit)
Optical Drive Type:-CD-ROM
Storage Capacity:-9.1GB
Maximum Processors Quantity:-4
Data Link Protocol:-Ethernet
Maximum Supported Memory:-3GB
Supported Operating Systems:-Ibm AIX 4.3
Os Certifications:-Ibm AIX
Processor Type:-PowerPC 604e
Installed Memory:-128MB SDRAM
RAM Size:-128MB
Memory Type:-SDRAM
Processor Speed:-332MHz
Installed Processor:-PowerPC 604e 332MHz