6428376 JTAG ICE mk2 ATJTAGICE2 AVR AVR32 Debugger Emulator compliant. A mid-range development tool for 8-bit and 32-bit AVR devices with on-chip debugging for source level symbolic debugging, NanoTrace (if supported by the device) and device programming. It supports SP, JTAG, PDI, and aWire modes and interface debugging. The tool is firmware upgradeable to support future AVR

CPU ModelIntel Atom
Processor Count1

Supports debugging of all AVR and AVR32 devices with OCD
Supports programming of all AVR and AVR32 devices with OCD
On-Chip Debugging: Run, Single step, Breakpoints, etc.
Supports Assembler and HLL Source Level Debugging
Programming Interface to flash, eeprom, fuses and lockbits (not debugWIRE)
USB 1.1 and RS232 Interface to PC for Programming and Control
JTAG, PDI, debugWIRE Interface to target board
Regulated Power Supply for 9-15V DC Powe