4650N Axial Fan, IP20, 230 V, AC, 119 mm, 38 mm, 94.17 cu.ft/min, 160 m³/h. The ebm-papst axial fan has 2650rpm motor speed. It has a supply voltage rating of 230VAC and dimensions of 119mm x 119mm x 38mm. It has an extended ball bearing life to ensure fault-free use for a significant period of time (37,500 hours at 40°C). This ensures ebm-papst AC fans to provide a flexible and dependable cooling solution for applications that require an axial fan to be mounted in any axial position. This fan has a power consumption rating of 19W.

Supply Voltage 230 V ac
Dimensions 119 x 119 x 38mm
Height 119mm
AC or DC Operation AC
Power Consumption 19W
Width 119mm
Maximum Current 83mA
Depth 38mm
Air Flow 160m³/h