3RT2015-1AF01 Sirius 3RT2 3 Pole Contactor; 7 A; 3 kW; 110 V ac Coil. The 3RT1 contactors are equipped with conventional AC / DC and solid-state AC / DC operating mechanism options.

The solid-state operating mechanism has two operating modes and can be optionally equipped with a remaining lifetime signal. The 3RT2 contactors are climate-proof and are suitable and tested for use worldwide, sizes S00 to S2, up to 37 kW. 3RT2 contactors are available in sizes S00 to S3. 3RT1 contactors are available in sizes S6 to S12.

Contact Current Rating 7 A
Control Voltage 110 VAC
Mounting Type DIN Rail Mounted
Number of Poles 3