26625A34 Uncoated High-Speed Steel General Purpose Tap. Bottoming Chamfer, 1-5/8″-12 Thread Size, 2″ Thread Length.

Cut threads into most metal and plastic. These high-speed steel taps are durable enough for small-scale tapping jobs, but they’re not recommended for production use. For better chip flow, choose a tap with fewer flutes.

Drive square-shank taps with a tap wrench or use them in a tap holder for drill presses and milling machines. Uncoated taps are strong enough for most tapping jobs but have the shortest tool life. Bottoming-chamfer taps cut into the workpiece with just 1-2 chamfered threads. This short chamfer lets them thread holes closer to the bottom than other taps, but they require more torque to start threads.

Chamfer Type Bottoming
Application Through-Hole Threading, Closed-End Hole Threading
Size 5/8“-12
Length 2″
Overall Length 5″
Number of Tapping Ends 1
Maximum Tapping Depth 2″
Drill Bit
Size 9/16
Decimal Size Equivalent 1.5625″
Thread Direction Right Hand
For Use On Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Plastic
Material Uncoated High-Speed Steel
Flute Type Straight
Number of Flutes 6