24-014 Delta-Pro Pressure Switch 4-45 psid Pressure. The Delta-Pro Models 24-013 and 24-014 NEMA 4 differential pressure switches offer a unique blend of small size, excellent performance, environmental protection, and attractive price. They can be used with liquids or gases. The precision snap-acting switch and sensitive opposing diaphragms combine to provide a narrow deadband and repeatability of approximately ±1% of span. Mechanical contact life is 10 million cycles, and actual switch life can be very long with typical pilot duty loads. The Delta-Pro NEMA 4 enclosure is small, yet it can still accommodate a 1/2″ NPT conduit connection and terminal block wiring. The Delta-Pro is not only lightweight but also strong and durable. The multiturn adjustment screw is externally accessible for convenience and excellent resolution. The Delta-Pro’s force-balance design provides excellent vibration resistance.


Contact Rating:-5 A @ 125-250 VAC

Contact Type:-SPDT

Description:-Delta-Pro Pressure Switch 4-45 psid


Housing Material:-Poly

Housing Rating:-NEMA 4


Range:-4-45 psid

Short Description:-DIFF PRESS SW, ADJUST, 4-45 PSID