13169CF/850 Halogen Infrared Lamp 500W 235V U-Clip – Dr.Fischer/Philips. Infrared Heat Lamps used in the Commercial Catering Industry are generally manufactured by 2 methods and are usually either defined as High Pressure or Low Pressure. The general definition is determined by the internal pressure once the lamp is at full operational levels and this needs to be less than 1 atmosphere to prevent the lamp from exploding. The original Low Pressure Heat Lamp is the 13908R, most other lamps fall into the category of High Pressure as they operate above this level. The latest versions of Catering Infrared Heat Lamps include an outer Jacket or sleeve to protect the environment is this event. Jacketed Heat lamps also allow for safer handling of the lamp.

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CF300SP Holder
CF300SP Holder
Brand Dr. Fischer
Voltage 235V
Power 500W
Base U-Clip
Origin France
Life 5000h
Colour temp. 2400K
Bulb T
Finish Clear
Diameter 19mm
OAL 230.5mm
Length/mm 220mm