CT6 - Compact - Tachometer Best Accuracy ±0.05 % - Optical LED 99999rpm

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CT6 Tachometer, Best Accuracy ±0.05 % Optical LED. The Compact instrument high-speed optical laser hand tachometer has an overall range of 3rpm to 99999rpm with RS calibration plus, the Best Accuracy is ±0.05%. The general-purpose tachometer is used for non-contact measurement of RPM, cycle time, total count including duration of the total count and operating an optical range of 25mm: 1000mm.

•Brand :- Compact
•Best Accuracy :- ±0.05%
•Category :- Optical
•Battery Type :- AAA
•Display Type :- LED
•Maximum Speed :- 99999RPM
•Minimum Speed :- 3RPM

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